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Parking changes in Wood Green

Parking changes in Wood Green

Within Haringey RingGo phone parking is now live! Use the RingGo parking app to pay to park at 100+ locations across the borough. Registering is quick & easy! You can do it via the app, online or by phone. For more info please visit: 🌐bit.ly/36VRknZ

A new cash-free parking system will be used at The Mall Wood Green. This system is run by a company called REEF and is based on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) which provides a better customer experience and offers more ways to pay.

You can still pay at a pay-station as usual but please be aware they will not accept cash, only card or contactless payment. You will also be able to pay online via your mobile, or sign up for AutoPay and just drive in and out without visiting a pay station.

How it will work:

  • Drive into the car park, the ANPR will read your number plate and let you in
  • Park and go shopping
  • Pay via one of the options available – mobile, autopay or pay-station
  • Drive out

Will the costs change?

No, the costs will remain the same.

How will I pay?

There are three options:

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