Pitta corner is a  restaurants that serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner and does dine-in and takeaways. Pitta corner is located on Wood Green high road.

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Pitta Corner – Wood Green – Monday 11/07/2023 I am telling my story because, at this time the night I can not sleep as I am reliving the incident that had happened today. I am hungry, I am looking for somewhere to eat. I stopped at Pitta Corner after considering McD and the disappearance of Yum-Yum. I am going inside and checking the menu. I see that they have fish menu. The server comes to me to ask what I would like. I am telling her that I want seabass. The cook is responding that there is no fish in today. I am looking at the menu and checking what I could have instead. The server is telling again that there is no seabass, would I choose something else. I am asking her question about the title of the menu as it was not something that I knew off. Let’s call her server A. Server B is passing by and is hearing the fact that there is no seabass. She is telling her staff that there is seabass. She is going to check and is confirming that there is. I am ordering that, chips , a Fanta and tap water with ice with server A. I am deciding to eat indoors. I am asking her how long it will take and she is telling me that it would be ready in 10min. I am telling server A that I will be having a smoke outside. Once there, I am realising that I have no tobacco. I am informing server A that I am going to buy some cigarettes. I am walking to Sainsbury and buy my tobacco. I am stopping in the pound thing shop to check for frames and I am returning to Pitta Corner. I am seating outside having my smoke. I going inside, picking up the drinks, telling server A that I will be eating outside after all. I am seating there for quite a long time, I am calling server A and asking her how long until food. She is telling me not long now. Server B is coming seconds after to tell me that grilling fish takes a while, because it has to be cooked both sides. I am shaking my head in response, still not thinking nothing of the situation, as I am seeing nothing wrong in their behaviour so far. The food is coming, the chips do not seem fresh to me, but maybe it is just me. So, I eat, the food was delicious. I asked server C, a young man, if I could have some spicy sauce. His response to me (in his body language) is calling my attention. He is bringing me a bottle. This is a Turkish restaurant, they usually give you a saucer with some homemade spicy sauce and a plate full of mixed salad. I had miserable looking chips, the fish and some lettuce. Never mind, I just kept on eating and remove that observation (2nd observation) out of my mind. As I said, the fish was delicious, I am calling the waiter B and I am asking for more chips. She is telling me that I already had with a very distasteful attitude. Now, I am realising that there is a problem of me being there. I am insisting that I would like more chips. She is looking down at me and saying that it will cost me more to have more chips, to which I replie “I want more chips.” Within 1 minute of ordering I no longer wanted to carry on eating. Waiter C is passing by and I am asking him to have a doggy bag. His attitude was worse. Within second of me asking for a doggy bag, waiter B is coming asking me if she should cancel the chips. I replied that I still want the chips. She is leaving and coming back with her payment equipment asking me to pay. I am telling her that I will pay when I am ready. She is saying that I have asked for a doggy bag and that I needed to pay. I am replying to her that I am not ready to pay and that I need a doggy bag to put the rest of my food in. She is saying I should come inside until I am ready. I am saying no, I am staying outside and I need a doggy bag. To which she replies that she is not giving me a box until I pay, otherwise I should go inside. By that time, I am having confirmation that these people are not treating me right. I refused to go inside but insist in having a box for my meal. I am telling her I am smoking so I am staying outside and that there are flies around and I need my food to be covered. She is returning in. She has not done three steps, waiter C is outside with the payment equipment bullying me into paying. I am defending myself saying I have not finished, I am not paying yet. He is argumentating with me saying “you have finished” over and over. I am saying “this is not right what you are doing, I have not yet finished and you are pestering me in paying. I am not going anywhere, I am not going to run away without paying. Why are you doing that?” To which he is replying that this is the end of his shift and he has to close his shift before leaving because where I am seated is his table. I am replying that it is not written anywhere that this happening in this place. He is going inside and he is returning with the box and the bag…but no chips at all, though the bill includes the chips. About 5 min later waiter D is coming out to deal with a client behind me. On her way to the door I am calling to put an order through for a week americano. She is bringing it to me and telling me not to worry about the bill, she is taking the table on now and she will be the one looking after me. Once I got the coffee, I am now asking her for the bill and remind her of the chips. I am also telling her about the behaviour of both waiter B and C and that I was not treated right. She is trying to explain to me that this is the company policy to have things paid for at the end of every shift, to which I am still saying it is written nowhere here and that no one had mentioned that before prior to me ordering, and I think this behaviour is directed only to me. Waiter B barged in once more, and is picking up my food and my coffee, telling me that I no longer need to pay anything but to just go. I am in shock. I was not expecting that at all. On her way into the shop, she is saying loud enough for everybody to hear that I am lucky that she is not calling the police. I then replied that she should, in fact I am doing it right now. And I did, unfortunately the police did not answer the call (stupidly I did 101). A police car was passing by, I tried to stop them but they carried on. I left the shop and saw the police in Poundshop. I went there and spoke to a policeman, told him the story. I was in bits, crying because I was humiliated by these people bullying attitude. The police said that there was nothing they could have done, because they was no crime committed. This did not help. So, I am writing the story here. You may know this restaurant, you may have had some altercations with them, please do write your story about them. I truly believed that this was a blatant racist behaviour towards me, because I did not behave in a way that would justify this harassment.

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