To plan, project manage and co-produce youth engagement activities to engage local young people in Haringey and to ensure they have the opportunities to become highly skilled and independent individuals by helping them build their confidence, supporting them to overcome potential barriers they may face and encouraging proactive actions and choices with positive destinations e.g. learning, apprenticeships, employment, voluntary work.

Skills and Experiences

Main Responsibilities

  • Develop, design and maintain high quality and effective youth engagement activities establishing positive links with young people and promote active participation in activities. You will be expected to conceptualise new ideas and approaches to boost youth participation and to contribute to other projects.
  • To keep committed in strategically supporting young people over time by strengthening both their soft and personal skills through a range of activities.
  • Along with planning/co-producing existing projects, you will be expected to bring in new ideas and approaches to increase youth participation in current projects.
  • Ensure that all young people’s voices are valued, included and considered and to provide opportunities and platforms for them to share their voices and creative expressions.
  • Work alongside the Project Manager and other staff members in informing young people of the relevant issues facing the youth. Provide all service users with valuable information and signpost to other service provisions in the borough.
  • Complete an initial assessment of the service users’ needs to identify and plan the support needed to support young people.
  • Contribute to monthly monitoring reports and capture the relevant information required to meet the contract specification in required formats to agreed timescales.


  • Adhere to professional practice standards and legislation, including confidentiality, safeguarding, equality, and diversity and inclusion policies. Be confident in escalating any concerns (safeguarding or other) with the Safeguarding Lead.
  • Support all project participants, clients, members of staff, regardless of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion or ethnic origin.
  • Liaise with Project Manager to ensure effective execution of the project. Work closely with relevant staff members within the organisation to develop sustainable plans for the continuation of the project by supporting service users.
  • Write up a summary of each engagement, considering the impact it had as well as the outcomes and follow-up the results from the engagement.
  • Create recommendations report in order to identify successful and unsuccessful project elements. Ensure participants and wider community is engaged, involved and consulted with.


  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to influence the actions of others and communicate information which may be complex, and to present the general information in an easy and accessible way.
  • Ability to relate and empathise with project audience and understanding how/when to regulate language with audience.
  • General IT skills with knowledge of using email, editing flyers and leaflets, MS Office Packages, report writing and monitoring information.
  • Ability to record information in a factual and non-judgmental manner, dealing with a variety of challenging situations in a calm and sensitive manner.
  • Ability to work under pressure and stay calm, prioritising workload, whilst working strategically without losing sight of detail.

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