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Get a £50 voucher to repair your old bike

Get a £50 voucher to repair your old bike

If you have an old bike gathering dust at home, you can apply for a £50 voucher to get it repaired.

The Fix your Bike Voucher Scheme allows members of the public to receive a voucher worth up to £50 towards the cost of repairing a bicycle.

Registrations for members of the public who want to apply for a voucher are now open on the Energy Saving Trust website.

If you’re a bike repairer and want to take part in the scheme, read our guidance for bike repair businesses.


The scheme is open to anyone in England who has an unused cycle in need of a repair.

However, as there are a limited number of vouchers available, please consider the needs of others before applying for a voucher and do not delay making planned repairs outside of the scheme should your circumstances allow it.

Vouchers can only be used with bike repairers or mechanics that are registered for the scheme in England, and up to two vouchers can be claimed per household.

A full list of terms and conditions and eligibility criteria is provided when you register.

How to apply

If you are a cyclist, you can apply for a voucher on the Energy Saving Trust website.

How the scheme works

  1. Find a Fix your Bike Voucher Scheme-registered bike mechanic to repair your bike using Energy Saving Trust’s map of participating bike shops and mechanics.
  2. Apply for a £50 voucher on the Energy Saving Trust website.
  3. Bring your bike in to your chosen repairer to be fixed, using the voucher to cover up to £50 of the total cost of the repairs needed.
  4. Enjoy cycling again.

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