Start: June 25, 2022
11:30 am
End: June 25, 2022
12:30 pm

Event Venue

4 Coburg Rd, London N22 6UJ

GPS: 51.594217, -0.1131255

The Storytree is a place, a space full of stories. Stories told and shared, created and made by the people who come to gather under her branches.

It is a museum and a library and a great big art cupboard. A space to shine and a space to hide, a space to be loud and a space in which to be quiet. It is bright and it is messy, where you are free to be and create as you wish.

A place where elephants roam and the moon shines in the sky; where the rainbow hangs and a nest of dolls play.

The Storytree is a place for everyone to gather to play, make, listen and create.

MAAD, 4 Coburg Road N22 6UJ (fka Karamel).

Fresh air ventilation system in place in restaurant and lounge.

Family friendly, all welcome.

Fees & Tickets
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Announcement Karamel is currently undergoing a change of hands. The venue is now run by vegan restaurant MAAD Collage Arts/…