ATM Fraudsters in Wood Green

ATM Fraud

Over the last few weeks, it has been reported by Metro Bank and other banks in the area that their cash points (ATM’s) have been targeted by fraudsters using technology etc to gain money from customers.

When using Cash Points, always check to see if there are any signs it has been tampered with. This includes the keypad, check it is not loose or looks slightly different. Check the card slot to see if it is also solid and does not anything sticking out of it.

Also be aware of anyone else standing around you. One of the scams known is called the Lebanese loop which a magnetic strip is inserted to the card reader and someone will be watching you to see if they can get your Pin number.

How the Lebanese Loop Scam Works

For further information and awareness, please do take five minutes to read this article about the different scams on ATM’s which is available on the “This is Money” website here.